Ahmed Abdelsalam

Full-Stack Web Developer

Who am I?
Hi, Do I really look like a guy who build things for the Web?! You know I just do things! I'm Just Kidding Sorry :3
Well, I'm the one who writes code for most of the problems I face in my life. I'm Ahmed Abdelsalam a freelance Full-Stack Web Developer, TEDx Speaker, Writer, Trainer & Dreamer. Currently, I'm focusing on (Angular, NodeJS & Machine Learning). Lately I started to develop some intersting tools just to automate my workflow you can find them in my work section. Actually most time I don't code for money; I just code because I love coding.
One of the greatest pleasures in life is doing what other people say you can't.
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Hire Me

I can help in:

Web Development

I can work with on Front-End using Angular or using HTML/CSS/JS and on Back-End using PHP,MYSQL, or NodeJS,MongoDB. That's my focus now.

ChatBots Development

I'm very interested in ChatBots Development and Deep Learning, Currently I'm working building some related Projects.


I've been teaching Web Languages since 2015; I taught about 125 Student from different ages starting from 12 years old to 45 years old.


If you're looking for ideas or developing for your project. If you need advice or even instructions to reach a goal I can help with this.


I'm addicted to automating everything in my life. I enjoy coding software to automate the boring tasks. Actually I can't stop it!


I write about new web technologies, frameworks and languages. I'm trying to cover what I learn and explain in better way in articles so It'd help others


How can I help you?